SaveUp Savings

Earn a Higher Interest Rate when you open a Solutions SaveUp Savings account. All it takes is a $10 minimum recurring transfer from checking to savings each statement cycle. Contact a Universal Banker today to get started!

Save The Change
Round up each purchase to the nearest dollar and turn spare change into savings! Save the Change is a great way to make Solutions Bank checking and savings account work together by making your purchases part of your savings plan! Click here to enroll today!

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Health Savings Account

High deductible health plans and medical expenses require forethought to avoid a big hit to the budget should medical needs arise. Plan ahead and start saving now with a health savings account at Solutions Bank.

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Certificates of Deposit

Investing in CDs is always a safe bet. FDIC insurance and fixed rates ensure that you get a guaranteed return on your investment so you can afford to invest in other ways if you choose. We offer a wide variety of terms to suit your needs. Start building your savings today. Our employees will be glad to assist you over the phone or in person.

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Money Market Account

Looking to earn more than the standard savings account, but have the option to withdraw funds without a penalty? Our Money Market Account allows you to earn higher interest with easy access to funds.

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IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a tax-advantaged savings vehicle - putting you in charge of your retirement plan. The specific tax benefit depends on the type of IRA: Roth or Traditional. We’re happy to talk to you about the difference between the two, but advise you see a tax advisor to help you determine which is best for you.

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