Meet Our Team

We are excited to announce that Durand State Bank will be joining the Solutions Bank family on January 31, 2022!
What’s that mean for our Solutions Bank customers?  More locations and ATMs to deliver a better banking experience!


Meet Our Team  

Executive Team

Jeff Snyder Profile

Jeffrey Snyder
Chairman & Director of Asset Management

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Betsy Johnson Profile

Betsy Johnson
President & CEO

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Heather Beyers Profile

Heather Beyers
Credit Specialist

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K Bowman

Kimberly Bowman
Customer Service Specialist

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Susan Ruter Profile

Ashley Deuth
Executive Specialist

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R Dillavou

Robert Dillavou
Facility Assistant

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S Engelkens

Susan Engelkens
Vice President - Retail & Business Banking

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S Drake

Sue Drake
Universal Banker II

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S Greenfield

Samantha Greenfield
Customer Service Specialist

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Bethany Gruhn Profile

Bethany Burdick
Vice President - Human Resources

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Ryan Martz

Ryan Martz
Senior Vice President - Lending

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Edward Vock Profile

Edward Vock 
Executive Vice President Lending

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Mary Hill
Customer Service Specialist

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Ashly Barr Profile

Ashly Barr
Operations Specialist

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Jolene Bohnsack Profile

Jolene Bohnsack
Executive Vice President - Marketing & Sales

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D Broge

Drew Broge
Loan Associate

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Christopher Cronau Profile

Christopher Cronau
Senior Vice President - Information Technology

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R Hanson

Rebecca Hanson
Customer Service Specialist

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Carrie Haug Profile

Carrie Haug
Senior Vice President - Mortgage Lending & Credit Administration

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S Wescott

Sheri Krehl-Wescott
Retail Banking Supervisor

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Brenda Lamm Profile

Brenda Lamm
Senior Credit Administrator

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S Larem

Shelley Larem
Universal Banker II

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C Ludeking

Cathy Ludeking 
Universal Banker II

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Amanda Pierce Profile

Amanda Pierce
Vice President - Marketing

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Jamie Pizzolato Profile

Jaime Pizzolato
Senior Vice President - Operations

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K Rampenthal

Kim Rampenthal
Vice President - Business Development

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Alicia Schofield Profile

Alicia Schofield
Universal Banker II

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Jeff Williams Profile

Jeffrey Williams
Executive Vice President - Commercial Lending

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Hunter Kopp
Customer Service Specialist

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Millie Graves
Operations Specialist

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K Brunner

Kristine Brunner
Customer Service Specialist

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Jennifer Busser Profile

Jennifer Busser
Universal Banker I

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M Sandall

Monica Sandell
Senior Vice President - Compliance & Regulatory

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N Young

Nicole Young
Senior Operations Specialist

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Poplar Grove - State

Brad Taylor Profile

Bradley Taylor
Vice President - Operations

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Alexandria Corson Profile

Alexandria Corson
Customer Service Specialist

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Jared Ellingson Profile

Jared Ellingson
Customer Service Specialist

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S Greenlee

Scott Greenlee
Senior Vice President - Ag & Commercial Lending

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Eric Jackson Profile

Eric Jackson
Universal Banker III

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R Johns

Robert Johns
Vice President - Retail & Business Banking

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S Johns

Sherri Johns
Universal Banker I

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Poplar Grove - 76

K Burke Profile

Karen Burke 
Universal Banker I

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S Taylor

Shaun Taylor 
Branch Manager

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K Dhamer Profile

Kate Dhamer
Regional Director - Business Development

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N Inman

Nicole Inman
Customer Service Specialist

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T Kneip

Teri Kniep
Customer Service Specialist

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R Steiner

Rachel Steiner
Customer Service Specialist

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